The Whitsun ULTRA MARCH - virtual!


Date: 22.5 - 24.5.21 (3 days)


Distance: 120km or 75miles




a) Single hike / run 120km or 75 miles(for the very tough)




b) In a team of two 120km or 75 miles together (2 people per team / 2 medals & certificates)



You either hike alone or with your hiking buddy. Each of you reports to us, during the 3 days, the hikes of at least 5km at a time via our UM reporting system. We add up all reported kilometers / miles per team! If you or your team reaches the 120km

75 miles within the 3 days, each of you will receive the finest ULTRAMARSCH WHITSUN medal.


It doesn't matter whether one has completed 100KM and the other only 20km or both 60km each!


ATTENTION: Please give us a TEAM NAME (comment on the order) and the team partner(s) (first and last name, address and email). Otherwise, the ticket buyer receives all the medals they deserve.